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The Volunteer Doula Program has been in existence nearly 20 years.  With the vision of providing a doula for every woman who wants one, the Program has supported thousands of women and trained over 500 doulas.

How does the program work?

  • Women who are eligible for support by the program contact the Volunteer Doula Program Coordinator. The Coordinator will meet with the woman to explore her needs and help to understand what kind of doula she would work best with.
  • Women are matched by the Coordinator with a volunteer doula from the program eight weeks before her due date.
  • The volunteer doula and the woman and usually meet with the woman several times prenatally.  During these meetings, they get to know each other, talk about the woman’s birth preferences and create a birth plan, if desired, and practice comfort measures.
  • The doula is then on call to be available to the woman throughout the duration of her labour and birth.  The doula can come to her home or meet her at the hospital and will provide informational, emotional and physical support.
  • The doula provides support for up to six weeks post-natally as well. She will usually visit the woman on a few occasions during this time period to help with breastfeeding, baby care, and other aspects of transitioning to motherhood.