Our Staff

Sharelyn Stone Executive Director Ext.312

Tara Billard Office Administrator Ext.301

Amanda Carvery Volunteer Doula Program Coordinator for HRM Ext.310

Amber Tapley Volunteer Doula Program Coordinator for Cape Breton

Krista Greencorn Healthy Beginnings Home Visitor Ext.304

Courtney Covey-Keefe Director of Programs Ext. 308

Abby Bradley Parenting Journey Home Visitor Ext.311

Krisandra Fitzpatrick Parenting Journey Home Visitor Ext.316

Laurie Joudry  Playroom Facilitator Ext.310

Jane Hall Family Home Child Care Agency Ext.303

Ky McKinley Family Home Child Care Agency Ext.305

Robyn Dalesandro Family Home Child Care Agency Ext.305

Kendra Dinham Playroom Facilitator Ext. 310

Kamila Drycz Program Support Worker Ext. 314

Chloe MacGregor Ext. 302

Stevie Fort Pre/Postnatal Educator Ext. 309

Samantha Vatcher Family Wellness Coordinator Ext.313

Our Board of Directors

d’Entremont, Lorraine (Secretary)
Grace, Christine Morrison
Howe, Jessica
Lewis, Julia
MacCallum, Sarah
MacDonald, Ronnie
Owoeye, Omotola (Treasurer)

Robeson, Jenn
Seremba, Claire
Simmons, Dinah (President)
Steeves, Marney
Stone, Sharelyn (Executive Director)
Wang, Liping
Woudstra, Geri

Our History

Chebucto Family Centre has roots dating back to 1887. The services offered have evolved to meet the ever changing needs of families and the community served. From a home to live in following the birth of a baby, to providing adoption services, a resource centre for single mothers, and now as a family resource centre and community hub that is open to the community.

  • 1887 – The Home of the Guardian Angel opened near an orphanage on Brunswick Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was known as the Catholic Infant’s Home. Single mothers were admitted to the Home after the birth of their baby.
  • 1941 – Women were admitted to the Home before the child’s birth so that in the final months of her pregnancy she might experience comfortable shelter and have adequate nourishment as well as proper medical care.
  • 1955 – With the collaboration of Archbishop Berry, the Home of the Guardian Angel was moved to the east wing of the Orphanage. Here, Sisters Mary Clare and Joan Elizabeth set up a shelter for single mothers and an adoption agency. They began a program to meet the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional needs of the mothers. The women were encouraged to plan for themselves and their babies, to take responsibility in deciding whether or not to place their child for adoption, and to continue, if possible, their own academic or vocational training.
  • 1970 – Home of the Guardian Angel became a community-based agency.
  • 1973 – Home of the Guardian Angel moved to a renovated house at 6345 Coburg road.
  • 1980 – The Single Parent Centre opened in Spryfield.
  • 2001 – The Home moved their pregnancy counselling, adoption services, post-placement services to 2893 Agricola Street in Halifax.
  • 2010 – With the success of the “Building for Families” campaign, the renovation and construction of a larger space began (Click to see the photo gallery). The name was also changed to be more inclusive to all centre users. Moving forward, the Single Parent Centre would be known as Chebucto Family Centre.
  • 2012 – After 125 years of providing adoption services, the last private adoption agency in Nova Scotia closed down due to lack of sustainable funding.
  • 2016 – The Volunteer Doula Program celebrated their 20 year anniversary!